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Hi friends! My name is Danna Davis and I am sixteen years old. I’ve always been a talker and a free spirit, but most importantly I am a child of God; who was saved by grace His through faith. I also have scars on my heart, and a life filled with challenges, adventures, and happiness. God often uses the most unlikely people to accomplish His plans and purpose.  I am here to tell you that you're not alone & that he will not forget you.

       God often uses the most   unlikely of persons to achieve                  his plans.

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Health Coach/Author/Doula-in-training/Talk Show Host
AGE: 17

As a Doula in training, I am compelled to further help moms even after they

deliver. A healthy baby is a sign of "good parenting." Moms, I am here to help. Give your baby a headstart in life by feeding them naturally! Get it now,                    on!

This book contains words of wisdom

inspirational quotes, and recipes that

represents the indigenous people of the Caribbean and the US Virgin Islands; but with a healthier spin!